Loser Lyrics – Why the Impact T...

Loser Lyrics – Why the Impact Then?
Bek David Campbel, aka “Beck,” emerged on the scene in the early 1990’s with his unique blend of hip-hop and alternative music. Beck stormed the radio with his single, “Loser,” and became a cultural phenomenon. Since his debut, the musician has released nu [...]

Loser Beck – Still Relevant in ...

Loser Beck – Still Relevant in 2014?
Twenty years after award-winning artist told us he was a loser baby (soy un perdedor), one has to wonder if the multi-talented performer still relevant in 2014. Who is Beck? Even from the start of his career, pinning down just who he’s has always represented something of a diff [...]

Beck’s Musical Influence

Beck’s Musical Influence
He’s easily one of the most eclectic and ambitious singer-songwriters of the past two decades—and about as unlikely a hugely successful pop star as has materialized in America. His genre-hopping albums never sound the same as their predecessors; his musical influences range from Son H [...]

Beck Career History

Beck Career History
Beck Hanson, popularly known as Beck, was one of the standout musical artists of the 9 0s and continues to be regarded as a visionary today. He downplays his legitimate musical talent by burying it underneath techno synths and hip-hop beats. His droll delivery makes it easy to understa [...]

Beck in 2014 – Concerts and Mus...

Beck in 2014 – Concerts and Music
Perhaps no modern musician has dabbled in more musical genres than Beck Hansen. The edgy performer first rose to fame with his breakthrough single “Loser” in 1994. Though praised as a musical genius from the start, critics thought this young musician might just be a flash i [...]